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My first novel, The Sentinel Project is complete. You can find a brief description of The Sentinel Project under Books. A second stand alone novel called The Gemini Affliction is in the works. 


This page is a work in progress and all I can say is thank the internet gods for stock images. I intend to add some world specific information and maybe some short stories along the way. For now, my goals are to keep my followers updated on my novel's progress and to encourage new writers by sharing tips and insights I have gathered along the way, as well as how to utilize psychology concepts, on my blog posts. 

Writing is an act of hope. It is a means of carving order from chaos, of challenging one's own beliefs and assumptions, of facing the world with eyes and heart wide open. Through writing, we declare a personal identity amid faceless anonymity. We find purpose and beauty and meaning even when when the rational mind argues that none of these things exist.

The Writer's Idea Book, 10th Anniversary Edition by Jack Heffron

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